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Keep your office secure with our antivirus solution.

Section 164.308(a)(5)(ii)(B) of the HIPAA Security Rules states that you must have "procedures for guarding against, detecting, and reporting malicious software". Helpdesk Dental offers HIPAA compliant antivirus solutions for peace of mind.

Anitvirus Features

  • Real-time Protection

    Our antivirus solution provides real-time scanning of systems that are often exploited, such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients or MS Office components.

  • Anti-Phishing

    Anti-Phishing technology protects you from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data, insurance information, and other sensitive information by fake websites, masquerading as legitimate ones.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Helpdesk Dental can schedule reports daily, weekly, monthly & more that allow you audit and stay on top of the security of all your assets.

  • Threat Notifications

    If a computer in your network encounters a perceived threat, in addition to taking care of that threat, you will be notified via email of which computer, the threat, and if that threat was resolved.