Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Local Backup

Having a local backup is key to securing your practice's data. Recovery from a local backup is faster and easier than offsite backup. Unlike offsite backup, it is not dependant on internet speed and can be restored from in minutes instead of hours.

Disaster Recovery

Helpdesk Dental offers offsite backups as a disaster recovery. Our HIPAA compliant offsite backup protects against hardware failure, theft, viruses, deletion, fire, and natural disasters.

Digital X-Ray Support

  • Nightly Backup Reports

    When a backup is completed or encounters an error, you and Helpdesk Dental will receive a notification.

  • End-to-End Encryption

    Data is encrypted with AES 256-bit strong key before being transmitted to our storage location. Your data is secure in transit and in the cloud.

  • Quick Setup

    Our backup solution is quick to setup. Once setup, your office can be backing up to our secure servers that night.

  • Scheduled Backup

    Your backups will be scheduled outside your office's hours so that your network won't be affected by backups.